Frequently Asked Questions

Are our parcels of land titled?

Yes they are.

Do I need to pay for documentation?

Documentation is Absolutely free.

Is there any litigation on the land?

No there isn't.

Should I be worried about the presence of land guards?

Absolutely not! Coastline prides itself in giving you value and security for your money.

Which documents am I entitled to after purchasing the land?

Our clients get to be given an indenture which allows them to affect transfer into their name at the Lands Commission.

Do you help in registering the land for the client after receiving indenture?

Yes, but at a fee.

What Rights Are Included with This Property?

You have good road access and social amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centres, a gymnasium, children's playground, eateries and many more.

Do I Have Access to Electricity and Water on This Property?


Are the Boundaries of the Property Clearly Marked?


Must one's building conform to a particular design?

No, but we respectfully don't accept chamber and hall type of buildings.